Cold and Flu First Aid Kit

Cold and Flu First Aid Kit

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Are you prepared for the cold/flu season? This kit contains everything you'll need! This ALL comes in a bag handmade by me! The total value is $140! Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for all First Aid Kits. This is such a great gift for family and friends, as well as yourself!

Kit contains:

2 oz Cough/Cold Elixir helps reduce all of your cold and flu symptoms
2 oz Elderberry Dry Spasmodic Cough Syrup for that dry hacking cough that just won't stop
2 oz Just Breathe Chest Balm calms that cough and clears your sinuses
1 oz Sore Throat Spray stops that sore throat before it starts
Migraine Be Gone gets rid of that aching headache while also clearing your sinuses
YOU CHOOSE: A bonus 2 oz immune support of either Spiced Elderberry Syrup or Heart on Fire (Add a note to your order with your choice)


2 oz Chest Rub for Babes/Toddlers is a safe alternative for the youngest in our families
8 oz Spiced Elderberry Syrup is a daily preventative for cold/flu season, you can also take this to cut your sickness time in half
8 oz Heart on Fire Cider is a daily preventative to keep any colds and viruses away

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