Herbal Cold and Flu October 19th 11-4

Herbal Cold and Flu October 19th 11-4

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Everyone gets a cold, cough or flu. We wish we didn’t, but it happens. Be prepared for the next cold/flu season with your very own Cold/Flu First Aid Kit! We’ll be learning about everything from prevention to post flu care. Each attendee will receive a handmade Cold/Flu first aid bag and we’ll be filling it with all sorts of awesome herbal remedies and we’ll be taste testing a bunch of warming and soothing recipes to have on hand when that sickness comes a knockin!

In this class we will be making:

Elderberry Syrup

FIre Cider

Just Breathe Chest Salve

Forest Chest Salve for Kids

Garlic Mullein Ear Drops

Golden Chai Electuary

Just Breathe Tea

And a bunch of my favorite recipes to kick that cold in the rear!

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